Creative Matrix

What is the Creative Matrix

The Creative Matrix is an infrastructure for development of your Ideas, Contacts and Career - it just depends how involved you intend to be.
To achieve this we provide the tools you need to network within a community of like-minded professionals and creative people.

It is all about the Idea.

The Lifecycle of an idea generally goes through these 7 stages of development:

1. Have an Idea
2. Develop it into a Treatment
3. Protect it
4. Collaborate-form a Team from the network and develop into a proposal/treatment.
5. Pitch it
6. Produce it
7. Share the profits

There are several ways to develop your ideas into commercial projects through Combined Mind and the Creative Matrix.

1. Connect with the CREATIVE MATRIX to form a Team to develop the treatment further. This could be to find a writer to write a script, a producer to raise money to make a pilot or to find a brand to sponsor the project.

2. Enter one of the competitions Combined Mind will be regularly holding to fund the development of ideas.

3.Submit your idea to the Combined Mind Creative Committee where your idea will be reviewed and could end up on our list of priority projects for further development by Combined Mind.

Integral to collaboration is safe protection of intellectual property for our associates. Therefore we offer access to a Copyright protection service for our membership to safeguard their treatments.

Who is the Creative Matrix? And how does it work

The Combined Mind Creative Matrix is a rich network of individuals that cross-pollinate the following areas:

Have you ever had a great idea for a TV show, film, radio show, computer game, iPhone App or any other creative content, but didn’t know what to do next? Combined Mind provides you with the opportunity and the help to develop your idea to a stage where it could be developed, commissioned, produced and broadcast – providing you with fair recompense for your effort.

As well as idea and concept development, we offer services designed to help you access and connect with like minded passionate people, helping you to realise your potential and further your career.

Whether you are an executive producer, technical crew member (of any discipline or level), writer, editor, researcher or runner, joining CM will have many benefits. As well as live active forums, message boards, online profile and news sections, you can make contacts, post and apply for jobs, collaborate on opportunities to develop ideas, enter competitions and tap in to the Creative Matrix.

Ranging from Presenters, Actors and Musicians to Ballet Dancers, Circus performers and Stunt men. Connect with the Creative Matrix, audition for jobs, collaborate on other projects and get your own ideas off the ground.

Combined Mind offers you the opportunity to invest in the development of ideas for a share of returns. Investing in the development of ideas could potentially reap huge rewards for very little outlay of investment.

Combined Mind Associates can advertise their opportunities for investors to get involved at varying levels. This could be from attempting to raise the full budget to make a feature film, to raising a small amount to create a taster tape for a pitch. Obvioulsy the more you put in the more you could potentially get out.

For example, investment might be attracted by searching for 20 Associates to invest a small amount of money each, thus raising the combined amount needed. So your small investment of £100 might contribute to the full amount of £1000 needed for an exciting new comedian to pay for the production of a taster tape of a new TV format – and from the taster that you helped fund, a commission could result and a new format could be licenced or global sales could bring you substantial returns… not to mention the satisfaction of having helped someone realise their dream.

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