Win £1000 Cash Prize for making a trailer!!!


Psst…yes you, listen, I can't say too much, but something really big is coming to Covent Garden in February 2011.

All I can tell you is it's called The Foundation and they’re offering a £1000 cash prize for the best film trailer promoting their arrival.

Doesn’t have to be anything too Hollywood, just gripping you know, get people turned on to The Foundation, whatever you imagine it to be – the suspense must be literally capable of killing people.

The London Film School is up for it too - we're using their screening room for judging the best ones in front of some serious film critic dudes and the odd celebrity.

So upload your video to YouTube and send me the URL using the form on the right, I’ll stick it on The Foundation's YouTube channel and the most ‘liked’ ones get shortlisted.

The top trailer as judged by our panel, is announced at the grand ‘reveal’ of The Foundation in February, it could make you famous.

So come on Scorsese, let's see what you’ve got…

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